There are currently the following categories of membership:-

Full members | 31-35 | 26-30 | 18-25 | Junior membership | Family membership

  1. The appropriate membership subscriptions shall be such sums decided by the Director and club management.
  2. Subscription shall be due on acceptance as a member. Payments can either be made in full or through the BRS monthly payment scheme. Agreements are for a minimum length of 12 months and will automatically renew after this time unless notice is given to terminate the payment scheme.  Monthly payment schemes can be set up using a debit or credit card.
  3. There is no set annual renewal date.  12 months membership commences from the date of joining.
  4. Applications for membership must be on the forms provided for that purpose and must be signed by the candidates for membership.
  5. The acceptance of members shall be at the sole discretion of the Director.
  6. When an accepted candidate has paid their first subscription, they shall be a member of the Club and entitled to all the privileges within their category of membership and shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these rules. The member shall be under no obligation to renew a membership which has expired.
  7. A record of the names and addresses of all the members of the club shall be maintained in the Director’s office.
  8. The Director may terminate the membership of any member at any time and or whose subscription is more than one month in arrears. Their name shall be removed from the BRS list of registered members and the membership shall immediately cease and all rights of membership forfeited.
  9. Membership bag tags shall be carried at all times and can be requested for inspection by the Director or club staff at any time.
  10. All juniors are welcome at the club but must not be left unsupervised or unattended on the premises until they have reached the age of 14.
  11. Those members who do not renew their membership on the date of expiration will incur an administration fee if the member then chooses to renew within a 90day period.
    For the first 30 days after expiration: £50.00
    31-60 days after expiration: £100.00
    61-90 days after expiration: £150.00
    When the expiration date is reached, BRS will automatically deactivate the member’s account.
  12. All members who pay by standing order are solely responsible to cancel their arrangement with the bank if they no longer wish to renew their membership at the end of the twelve month period.  Stanedge Golf Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for this and therefore no refunds will be issued.
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